Updating or Creating?

Do you have a system extant, or are you creating something exciting and new?  Either way, we're here for you.  We are equally capable of process definition & creating solutions, or retrofitting and updating to meet your expanding needs.  We can even handle phased migration to suit your economic planning.  There is no reason to face potential breakdowns, production errors, or waste money on repairs; you can get started today!

The Automation Technology available currently is just stunning with its capabilities.  It's significantly better than just five years ago.  As we all know, software and hardware doesn't last forever—by virtue of being here and being curious, you're probably a prime candidate for an update.

We have up-to-date software licenses and experts in many systems including GE Intelligent Platforms, Allen-Bradley, Schneider/Modicon, SIEMENS, Automation Direct, GE Intelligent Platforms, and Omron (among others).  And we're experienced with Manufacturing, Water & Wastewater Management, Pharma & Biotech, Medical, Food & Beverage, and Breweries.  So just try and throw us a problem we can't solve.  We love a challenge!



We have over 100 years of combined control engineering experience. Our technical knowledge of PLC’s and industrial devices including sensors, transducers and actuators allows us to automate your machinery and processes in the most efficient way possible. We have an ever-expanding library of fully developed and tested code blocks, and maintain software licenses and trained experts for the following PLC platforms:

  • Allen-Bradley/Rockwell Automation
  • Siemens
  • Omron
  • Schneider/Modicon
  • GE Intelligent Platforms
  • Automation Direct
  • GE Intelligent Platforms
  • Automation Direct



When hardware or software becomes obsolete, a systems upgrade is in order. Automation systems don’t last forever and you will be amazed at the advanced technology available today (so if you are still backing up onto a cassette tape, it’s time to give us a call!).

Whether you are looking for a complete modernization or phased migration, we can help you. We are up to speed with modern software and hardware and have the expertise needed to deliver a new system that will not only be more secure, but will seamlessly incorporate into your current process. Don’t let the obsolescence of your industrial control systems risk unplanned downtime, high repair costs, limited network options, increase in production errors and even the safety of your staff. There is a fit to your needs. Let us help you get there!


Our knowledgeable and friendly team provides field service, support, and troubleshooting services 24 hours a day year round. We understand that the integrity of your systems and keeping them operational are your number one priority. Our service teams are personally invested in our clients, and whether it’s the middle of the night or 2 hours before Super Bowl, we’ll be there.

Our field service capabilities include troubleshooting systems whether the problem lies with the PLC program, system wiring, instrumentation, VFDs, or any other control system component. Once we have identified the problem, we’ll do our best to either fix it on the spot, or assist you in getting the right parts and personnel there to perform the repair.


Our knowledgeable and dedicated team of experts provides support, troubleshooting, and field services 24 hours a day. We understand that your top priority is maintaining the integrity of your systems and keeping them operational and we’re here to help.

We will definitely respond to emergencies, but this service comes at a cost. Most of our service clients take advantage of our annual support plans that cut down on cost and response time.






Well we live it everyday! As a custom machinery builder, LIVE has expertise with many different types of custom machines. Our

expert machine builders will help you develop custom solutions from machinery design to fabrication

that meets your needs and budget. Live’s expert engineers can assist you in developing highly

specialized or non-existent prototype and production machines from concept. We can provide custom

assembly and retrofit design/builds as well. We fully test and troubleshoot prior to delivery and once we

do deliver, we don’t leave you hanging. Our knowledgeable engineers will provide training and support

to you and your staff. Listed below are just some of the popular machines we build:

Braiders, Respoolers, Winders, Suture Tipping and Cutting, Medical Assembly, Pick and Place